What’s the Best Sports Car From the 1980s?

The 80s were a golden age for fun cars. Which ones do you think are the best?


The 1980s birthed some of the greatest cars of the modern era. Vehicles new enough to feel modern, yet vintage enough to keep all the classic sensations and sounds we love. That perfect balance is why so many cars of ’80s are starting to appreciate these days.

In my opinion, the greatest car to come out of the 1980s was the first-generation BMW M3. The E30 was a culmination of great engineering and design packed into a small, agile chassis. Paired to the high-revving S14 four-cylinder engine and a nice manual transmission, it makes for a seriously good time behind the wheel.

Now we want to know: What’s your favorite sports car of the 1980s? It doesn’t have to be any particular type of style or genre. It just has to be the best car you think came out of the 1980s. Let us know in the comments below.


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