You Can Already Buy A 2JZ Conversion Kit For The New Toyota Supra

When the all-new Toyota Supra broke cover at the start of this year, it’s fair to say it was met with a mixed reception. That’s partly because we’d all seen it already – it was leaked about 1,000 times before the official reveal – and partly because many were concerned that, under the metal, it shares much of its underpinnings with the new BMW Z4.

The Mk5 Supra promises to be an excellent sports car. But for many Supra-lovers, that won’t be enough

To most of us, this is no bad thing. The new Supra shows all the signs of being a very talented sports car thanks to perfect 50/50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and 335bhp from an inline-six. But to the Supra faithful, that isn’t enough. Years ago, its predecessor, the Mk4 Supra, achieved cult status thanks to one very specific trait: the infinite tunability of its legendary 2JZ engine which, with a few modifications, was capable of over 1000bhp. Many fans were hopeful that the new Supra would share the mk4’s tuning capabilities, but unsurprisingly, that has proven not to be the case – cars aren’t really made like that any more.

The legendary mk4 Supra

But fear not, Supraphiles. Because a Chicago-based company called CX Racing has a solution. For an as yet undisclosed fee, CX are already offering a ‘2JZ conversion kit’ where they will install the 29 year-old engine into your shiny new Supra.

2JZ in all its boosty glory

So far, no further information has been shared, and it’s unclear just how much modification the Mk5 will have to undergo in order to facilitate the conversion. It’s also safe to assume you’ll have to stump up a fair bit of cash – and a 2JZ engine. Seems a bit of a faff, really.

Nonetheless, you can bet there is already a line of wealthy Supra fanatics forming outside the doors of CX racing. As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘If you 2JZ-swap it, they will come.’


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  1. Why anyone would want to do this conversion is beyond my comprehension. No one has given this car a chance, but I can bet it will make 1000 HP given the chance. Lets just hope the Transmission will be up to the Task.

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